Centre OF intelligent power engineering

ModemTec, technology leader in the field of R&D activities for Smart Grids, introduces its unique research and development center: Centre of Intelligent Power Engineering. This Centre is designed to support development of modern appliances for both, todays and future needs of power industry.

Centre characteristics:

  • The best equipped Centre of its kind in the Central Europe
  • Support for development of modern appliances for power industry of the 3rd Millenium
  • Testing lab with unique equipment, devices can be connected with metrological standards
  • Software lab with top programming equipment
  • Centre offers its services to companies that are active in the field of R&D, production, and testing of devices for power engineering, measuring and regulation, or electrical engineering
  • Centre serves to: accuracy verification of new products, long-term reliability verification, testing within artificial poly-phased system

 Centre's equipment



Precise output analyzer (Watt meter)


Precise current transformers


Alternating current generator




Precise generator of time stamps for PMU testing


Teseq GTEM 500


Four-channel oscilloscope



Precise multi meter


Precise low-noise voltage and current four-quadrant power supply


Testing lab

The key part of the Centre is testing lab. There are generator of any course with high signal-to-noise ratio with precise and quick altimeter in Centre. It also consist of precise calibrators of voltage and current, with high values of wide frequency range. In lab, we can find quality oscilloscopes with large memory depth with appropriate probes, useful for current  measuring in built-in circuits, too. Generator for EMC resistance testing, and anechoic chamber belong to Centre's equipment too. Artificaly poly-phased network enables to generate operational states that can occur (however very rarely) in real operation There are also heat chambers with temperature range -28°C to 150°C with slow temperature change, and calibration tools for non-electric measuring (temperature and humidity), in the Centre. Most of appliances is equipped with communication support to automatize measuring procedures.

Software lab

There is another part of the Centre: software lab. Based on its top programming equipment, it enables  making analyses, creating product models and making the final solution more effective. It thus makes development significantly faster, and  optimized final solution for field programmable gate-arrays (FPGA) that are main technological platform for new devices.

Our Offer

Centre of intelligent power engineering offers its services to interested parties from the areas of R&D, production and testing devices for power engineering, measuring and regulation, or electrical engineering:

  • Tailor-made development of products:  proposal, optimization, testing, certification, production preparation

  • Software lab utilization: creating of simulating model based on MATLAB and Simulink products, firmware creation and its optimization, analysis, and defect removals at application to silicone substrate

  • Long-term load tests at different temperature ranges, load and power supply conditions (exactly defined and repeatable)

  • Utilization of all measuring appliances in the Centre

  • Creation of automated testing procedures with subsequent repeating 

  • Independent testing in extreme conditions 

  • Measuring of operational states and their simulation at the artificial poly-phased network

  • Measuring of higher harmonics impacts

  • Calibration of current converters



Trends in power engineering


Development support of modern devices intended for utilization at power engineering of the 3rd Millennium belongs among key activities of the Centre. The situation on the low voltage grid has significantly changed over the past few years. This comes as a result of the arrival of new appliances – lights, electronics with switched-mode power supplies – and due to the changes at supply/generator sites.


If Nikola Tesla or T.A. Edison woke up 20 years ago, they would not have any problem to recognize (from the physics point of view) single devices used in power engineering at these times.   Power engineering was very conservative area, where modernization occurred only within very small steps with strictly defined criterions. The topology of energy flows was stable and potential negative characteristics were significantly eliminated at the place of their formation.


Currently, the power production is moving to both distribution levels, low voltage and high voltage. Higher harmonics come from small loads too. Nowadays, there is almost no appliance in the modern household that would not deform the network somehow. The same situation is in both, industrial and servicing sectors. This situation will be (in the best case) maintained, we however expect further deterioration.


There is something more we have to add to nowadays situation at power distribution network: a very special issue. Despite there are harmonized standards that define maximum of negative influence emitted by single product back to network, almost nobody follows these standards. It is costly ineffective to wait for the situation, when we will disturb ourselves.


Devices for the precise analysis of negative impacts are (for now) relatively expensive. If the development in power engineering was evolutionary, these impacts would be minimized at the moment of mass deployment. As it did not happen, it is natural that, subsequently, technical development will lead to the production of devices eliminating these impacts, with positive economic results. There is good news: concept of Smart Grids with positive influence for power supply stability, and for limitation of negative influences in power engineering. There will be thus stress on higher reliability of devices that will be able to overcome these negative impacts once they are installed at distribution network. And Centre of intelligent power engineering is equipped with appliances that enable making the products and appliances ready for the needs of today’s power engineering.  





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